Pledge From Mb

September 9, 2020 / Mb Staffing

As businesses and agencies in our area slowly engage in the process of reopening, we at Mb Staffing Services (Mb) are paying close attention. The country is now many months deep into quarantine, as economic constraints tighten and scientific data slowly comes in. Both employers and members of the workforce continue to do their best as they make difficult decisions about their own health, the health of their families and coworkers, and the health of their business.

We at Mb are hard at work, monitoring and responding to the needs of all our clients and workers. Being a staffing agency means that we are in the “people business”: our job is to bring people together to work. With concerns mounting for so many over health and job security, we have encountered many unexpected new challenges. But we all still need to find ways to keep moving and stay alert to every new window of opportunity. Quarantine or no quarantine, we are as busy as we have ever been in our effort to help make difficult decisions a little bit easier for the people we work with.

On an individual level, each of us needs to pledge to safeguard our own health and safety and that of our community. We will do so by maintaining appropriate physical and social distance, staying home when possible, washing our hands often, avoiding hugs and handshakes, reporting symptoms, and wearing the proper Personal Protective Equipment, both at work and in public, and getting tested. In doing so we aim to demonstrate our commitment to public health and safety since we understand that our individual health may affect anyone we encounter. We each make this pledge for the duration of our employment with Mb Staffing Services LLC.

We are not doctors, scientists or policymakers, and we do not claim to have any special expertise in the unprecedented challenges facing all of us. Decisions are soon going to be made by the federal, state and local governments that will affect all of us. While we are all charged with doing our best to respond, we know that these decisions are ultimately beyond our control. In the face of all of that, as the management team at MbSS, we also make a pledge to you to actively engage you, listen to your concerns, not patronize you, stay as informed as possible, and above all to always make your well-being our highest priority. We thank you for your partnership with us, and we pledge to continue to earn your trust.