Mb’s Response: The Maryland Roadmap to Recovery

May 14, 2020 / Mb Staffing

Dear Colleagues and Friends of Mb Staffing Services,


Last week, the state of Maryland issued a tentative road map for gradual opening up of businesses in the state. Illustrated by the attached infographic titled “Maryland Road Map to Recovery,” the state has elected to slowly move towards openness and evaluate their progress over time.

Phase One, enacted on May 7, was a lifting of restrictions of what they determine to be “low-risk” activities. These include some elective medical procedures (as opposed to essential medical procedures) and safe outdoor activities that allow for safe social distancing. On May 14, the state will evaluate the impact this first step, and if they determine it is safe to proceed, they will look into completing Phase One. This would include lifting the stay at home order, allowing the opening of small shops, and allowing for small outdoor religious gatherings.

Phase Two of opening up is currently projected to take place on September 3rd. This includes the lifting of restrictions of what they are calling “medium risk” activities, including small social gatherings, limited restaurant attendance, modified school opening, childcare centers, indoor gyms, and small indoor religious gatherings.

Phase Three is tentatively projected to take effect on January 1, 2021 but would only take place in response to widely available treatment and/or a vaccine. In Phase Three, restrictions will be lifted on activities labeled “high risk.” Until the emergency is over, the state is still asserting the importance of wearing masks, social and physical distancing, and working from home if possible.

Mb Staffing Services is looking for similar information from Virginia and the District of Columbia. We ask that you please keep in mind the following:

  • This road map is specific to the state of Maryland and does not necessarily describe the policies of Washington, DC or Virginia.
  • Nothing in this road map is fixed. Restrictions will only be lifted as it is deemed safe to do so.
  • The restrictions in place are meant to ensure the safety of residents of Maryland. Until the crisis is confirmed to be over, safety will continue to be a concern.

Mb Staffing Services is taking Maryland’s road map and recommendations very seriously, along with the recommendations of the District of Columbia and Virginia. As we look to reopen, these wider policies will be the backdrop of our own. As always, we are here to answer your questions.

Be safe and take care,


Michael Beale

Mb Staffing Services