Mb Staffing Services Joins EIE Grantees

May 23, 2022 / Mb Staffing

At Mb Staffing Services, LLC., we are immensely proud by the awards and recognition our company and employees have received over the years. For 2022, we are listed on behalf of Mayor Bowser, as a member of the district’s very first cohort of Equity Impact Enterprise grantees.

On August 31, 2020, the Equity Impact Enterprise Establishment Amendment Act of 2020 created a new Certified Business Enterprise (CBE) certification subcategory, Equity Impact Enterprise (EIE). This grant, funded by fines collected by the DSLBD Compliance and Enforcement team, is recognized by small, resident-owned businesses.

We are honored to become a recipient for this grant, and in our most humble opinion, we understand the incredible impact small businesses have in the United States. These awards acknowledge the support that small businesses give to voluntary organizations, so we’re proud that our efforts have been commended, and we continue to strive to be an organization where our members can thrive.

To our grant organizations, employees, members, and clients in partnership with our services, we thank you for your kind patronage.