Mb Prepared Part One: Health and Safety Equipment and Practices

August 3, 2020 / Mb Staffing

For our first installment of our series on returning to work, our focus will be on new health and safety equipment and the company’s expectations regarding their use. Upon our return, the safety of the workplace will be our highest priority; the safer our workplace, the better equipped Mb Staffing will be to continue to progress.

First and foremost, Mb employees are always required to use personal protective equipment (PPE) in their place of work. The company may be able to provide some items to employees, including masks, face shields, hand sanitizers, alcohol wipes and gloves.

Last month, DC’s Business Improvement Districts (DC BIDS) began making free PPE starter kits available to businesses in the District of Columbia. These include masks, gloves, hand sanitizer and disinfectant spray. While supplies are limited, Mb will make every effort to obtain kits to ensure the health of our employees.

However, regardless of the availability of PPE from either the company or DC, employees are expected to use PPE at all times. This includes the use of masks or face shields, gloves, frequent hand washing, and hand sanitizer made readily available at all times.

To aid in employee’s efforts to socially distance, plexiglass is installed at all common areas to include the front desk, testing center, our interview room, and conference room.

Mb is investigating the use of ultraviolet technology to eradicate the virus on surfaces. Studies have shown that these methods may be an effective tool in maintaining a sanitary workplace. These new technologies include an ultraviolet scanner and a small sanitizing oven. The scanner would be placed above the entrance to the corporate office, and would send an ultraviolet scan over anyone coming into the office from outside. The oven would be used to quickly sanitize personal items, including wallets, keys and cell phones. This would also be used upon entering the office from outside.

Lastly, Mb plans to install air purifiers in the office. This will help to circulate air throughout and clean any harmful pollutants that may be in the air, including Covid-19.

In time, our hope is to adapt to the changes in our environment to the point where our new equipment no longer feels like an intruder in our office, and where our new practices become routine. Fighting against the dangers of Covid-19 will gradually become less of a hindrance to all of our work. To reach this point, we urge the full cooperation of all Mb employees and associates. We also need to hear from all Mb workers to ensure that you’re safe and well. Our goal is to keep people safe, and if anyone does not feel safe, that is something that needs to be communicated so that Mb can accommodate.

We will continue with part two of Mb Prepared next week. Thank you again for your attention.