In the Fight Against COVID-19: We Care

April 22, 2020 / Mb Staffing

We Care

In the fight against COVID-19, the front lines are the hospitals and doctor’s offices across the country and the world. In this frightening time, we at Mb Staffing Services (Mb) know that no one deserves our thanks more than our doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals. In this moment in time when we hear so much talk about “essential workers,” we know that no one is more essential than our healthcare professionals who work around the clock in harm’s way, putting their own health at risk to take care of the sick.

We at Mb know that we are not on the front lines of this fight. But we can show those who are that we appreciate their sacrifice. To that end, we are regularly sending flowers to hospitals in the greater DC area with the following sentiment attached as a note:

On behalf of all employees at Mb Staffing Services, we wish to thank you for manning the front lines in fighting this virus and so bravely serving our community and the nation. 

Through this small gesture we hope to send a message of our enormous gratitude for their hard work.

This Spring, when we have no choice but to stay inside, we can still see flowers in bloom out our windows. We hope that this small symbol of beauty and new life can give some measure of hope to the darkest places. To our healthcare workers we at Mb say: thank you. You are in our prayers.