Closures in Washington, D.C.

January 15, 2021 / Mb Staffing

In advance of Inauguration Day next week, Mayor Bowser’s office is in the process of announcing the closing of areas throughout Washington, D.C. Predominantly street closures, the announcements also include the closing of 13 Metro stations. More closures are expected, including the National Mall (some outlets have already reported the closure of the National Mall. While likely, it does not seem to have been officially announced at this time.)


This article published on Wednesday from specifies the Metro stations and streets that have already been announced as closed. Ongoing official announcements from the D.C. Government can be found here.


These city-wide closure decisions are being made in the aftermath of the Capitol Hill riots on January 6th, along with warnings from Secret Service of the possibility that some may attempt to incite further rioting surrounding Inauguration Day. Security across the city has been increased, and more closures are expected to be announced. Mayor Bowser is urging city residents to stay home as much as possible.


While we are aware these measures may seem alarming, we are confident in the judgment of the mayor’s office and we urge all of our clients and associates living in Washington to abide by the temporary restrictions that have been put in place. We ask that you continue to monitor ongoing updates in city-wide closures as well. Thank you for your attention and ongoing collaboration.